About Us

Our Beginnings…

Butter and Sugar Bakeshop is a small, family owned, baked-to-order experience, where sweetness meets tradition in every bite! We specialize in hand-crafted Alfajores, Brownies and Brownie Truffles.


Our journey began in 2009 as “Camila Sweets”. Since then, we’ve delighted taste buds throughout Central Florida at seven farmers markets and two Malls, and now we are expanding to the World Wide Web, in order to bring our wonderful treats directly to your home.


Our alfajores are a cherished third generation recipe that was a very important part of my childhood growing up in Peru. In our culture, indulging in a sweet bite paired with a warm cup of coffee or tea, is a daily ritual. Now, we are thrilled to share that experience with you, hoping that you can taste the love we bake into every one of our treats.

Our Secrets…

As you unwrap the story of our bakery, you’ll discover the meaning behind “Butter and Sugar Bakeshop.”

Butter… because it simply makes everything taste much better, and

Sugar… because I just can’t live without it and that’s the sweet secret to our irresistible treats.


Our scrumptious desserts are free from preservatives, they are all hand-crafted and have an artisan vibe since we make them in small batches in a kitchen not in a factory. We only use the finest ingredients such as: the incomparable Valrhona Cocoa powder, decadent Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, unbleached flours, butter, pure vanilla extract, among others.


We invite you to experience and to savor the many unique flavors of our sweets —the perfect blend of nostalgia, tradition, and, of course, an abundance of deliciousness.


Welcome to the sweetest chapter of our story, 
welcome to Butter and Sugar Bakeshop!

All of our boxes come with Occasion Card and Personalized hand-written message.

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